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Sex & Relationship Therapist: Stephen Snyder, MD always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 82 reviews with an average rating of 4.99 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Sex & Relationship Therapist: Stephen Snyder, MD below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

C B.

Dr. Snyder is a highly practical and effective problem solver. He is a pleasure to speak with and his results can’t be beat!

B C.

I saw Dr. S for sudden onset psychological ED which appeared to bring a great married sex life to a screeching and (I thought) permanent halt after 35+ years. He quickly assessed the situation, righted the ship in the course of 6-8 weeks, and sent us on our blissful way, happier than ever. I am very grateful to Dr. S for his spectacular service.

J P.

Dr Snyder was very helpful. I had been struggling with performance anxiety and psychological ED. He gave me a combination of approaches to tackle this and I was able to successfully move past these obstacles after only one session. Thank you so much!

B S.

Dr. Snyder patiently worked with me to solve a critical lifestyle issue. I can genuinely say three sessions with him changed my life.

J S.

Dr. Snyder helped me identify, contextualize and successfully deal with an issue that was disrupting my daily life. Thank you Dr. Snyder!

B F.

Dr. Snyder is a wonderful doctor. He has helped me immensely with various issues at various different stages of my life. He provides a compassionate ear, and his deep knowledge and experience allows him to get to the heart of issues very quickly and suggest practical and useful courses of action. I could not recommend him more strongly.

E F.

Dr. Snyder is focused, results oriented, and to the point. Dr. Snyder approaches your issue(s) the same way your car mechanic fixes your car. Quick diagnosis of the issue, a tangible, practical, and realistic strategy to address and fix the issue, followed by noticeable results. A problem solver, not endless sessions.

S B.

Dr. Synder was patient and never gave up on finding the right prescription to help with my erection issues until i was satisfied with my sexual performance. I would greatly recommend that he be given chance to help you. Greatly appreciative, thank you Dr. Synder.

Jake S.

Dr. Snyder is the best!

Mark C.

Dr. Snyder provided with a greater understanding and insight regarding DE. He asked key questions and was able to identify many of the targets and goals I was looking to achieve from our session. I would highly recommend Dr. Snyder. Thank you again for a great session.

D L.

Dr. Snyder quickly put me at ease. He pointed out that one of the medications I was taking was probably exacerbating my situation. In addition, he suggested numerous exercises and approaches to my sex life that have the potential to help me immensely. All in all, he is the best.

E Y.

Sex can feel challenging to discuss, especially with a stranger, but Dr. Snyder navigated our conversations with thoughtfulness, kindness, and non-judgmental honesty.

P M.

Dr. Snyder is easy to talk to and provides fantastic advice in every session. He has helped me tremendously!

E C.

Dr. Snyder made a difficult subject and issue easy to talk about and provided layers of ways to improve. His book is also excellent and a great way to start/supplement meeting with him. In the best place in years thanks to him.

Rogers C.

The doc is the read deal! He listens and explains the best course of action. By far best session in my life.

D P.

Dr. Snyder help me and wife a tremendous amount. I saw him in 1:1 sessions and together with my wife. He allowed us to take the tension out of our sexual problems and simply focus on our problems, which have been fixed. Our sex life has never been better and we have a deeper understanding of what it means to have a good sex life. After seeing Dr. Snyder we are also communicating much better/more efficiently. I really can’t say enough regarding how much he guided us through our trouble period. Much appreciated!

T L.

Dr.Snyder was very approachable and extremely knowledgable. He also has a great sense of humor which made it a lot easier to discuss difficult topics. My partner and I saw great improvement in the quality of our sex life within a few sessions. Very glad that we found him, will recommend him to my friends (if the topic of sex therapy ever arise lol).

R C.

Dr. Snyder is an expert in regard to sexual dysfunction and was very helpful to me and my problem. He is a professional and a nice human being. He is empathetic and no judgmental. I would recommend him to anyone.

K A.

Dr. Snyder made an uncomfortable situation become very comfortable and easy. He is easy to talk to and a wealth of knowledge. He is able to see things from all sides and has made the biggest difference in our lives. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience. My husband and I are closer than ever.

Amanda H.

Dr. Snyder was a pleasure to work with. He was very accommodating and made an impact with his advice. Highly recommend.

A Z.

Dr. Snyder is just A++. I went to him for specific sexual issues but he has coached me and helped tremendously beyond… to relationships and dating and I’d say life in general. He combines being a sex and relationship therapist + masterful coach + wisdom of experience. There are a handful of doctors and other professionals that I’ve come across in my life who are just incredibly impactful – they do not give cookie cutter answers to cookie cutter problems. They are not in it to check the box and get through their appointments. They actually take pride in their mastery of what they do, and solving whatever challenges their patient faces. Dr. Snyder is one of these rare people. Would highly recommend!

B B.

I went from feeling desperate, broken and hopeless about my sexual life to having the best sex ever! Dr Snyder is the only therapist I’ve ever talked too and the best decision I could have made. At first I was sceptical and thought my issues are too big for any therapist. He got to the bottom of them in just two sessions and provided me with specific advice. I like that our conversations are true dialogues – he asks great questions, actively listens, and provides very thoughtful comments as we talk. Dr Snyder is able to discuss just anything and you can tell he has a lot of experience. Highly recommend

F T.

I never talk about sex or the feelings I have associated with it. I thought I was sexually awkward and I preferred to avoid acknowledging anything sexual about myself (easier than facing disappointment). But then I would feel like the biggest failure when trying to be sexual with my boyfriend. But Dr. Snyder was so easy to talk to and all the things I thought I would surely be judged for, he just listened and empathized with kind ears and a big smile. I felt so light after our first session, he is so worth talking to. WOW…I feel so much better and more motivated to learn more about my likes and needs in a physical relationship and more importantly, know that it’s OKAY to do so. I’m going to get his book for further reading into the subject and so I can finally have sex that makes ME feel great. Thank you so much Dr. Snyder

A M.

I came across Dr. Snyder from his book “Love Worth Making”. As I read it I was blown away by his insights, practical approach and desire for near term results. While everyone and every situation is different, his focus is on helping you now. His insights are incredibly on target and the recommendations he provided are practical in the absolute best sense of the word. His advice is easy to understand and realistic. I have had other therapists whose advice was so unrealistic you’d think they’d never had sex themselves. In my first session we dove right into my situation and 20 minutes later he was already helping me better understand what was working, why there was some unintentional self sabotage and how to get better. He is easy to talk to and makes you feel completely relaxed. He really wants to help you and help you as quickly as possible. I am not entirely free from my situation yet, but I’ve had progress in just one session based on his recommendations. I have a very high degree of confidence that with his help and a few more fine tuning sessions I have a fantastic future ahead free from my issues. When I do come out the other side I will look back on everything I went through as a very positive part of my life due to the insights I will have gained about myself and my sexuality. Dr. Snyder will play a key part in that success and I only wish I had found him sooner. One of the best calls I have ever made was reaching out to him.

C C.

Dr. Snyder was a pleasure to work with. He was very accommodating and made an impact with his advice. Highly recommend.

M H.

Dr. Snyder was very thorough in his evaluation with me. I felt as though he was looking at my condition from all sides. I would have no hesitation recommending Dr. Snyder to a friend of family member.

Charles L.

Doctor Snyder is a fantastic therapist and psychiatrist, and immediately put me at ease. I’ve been seeing him for several years now and he has helped me overcome problems that no other doctor could. I highly recommend his services.

George C.

Even your two very short articles on delayed ejaculation helped me a great deal. Now I understand why I can’t ejaculate. Thank you!

N C.

Dr. Snyder is not only extremely knowledgable about his work, but also very passionate and seems to genuinely care for and wants to help his patients. Would high recommend

Gregg W.

Dr. Snyder’s advice and guidance has been priceless, and he does an excellent job staying current with the latest advancements in thought and beyond. He has had an immediate and long-lasting impact on the quality of my life.

M V.

My husband and myself very much appreciated Dr. Snyder’s help during our sessions. Dr. Snyder was always absolutely professional, experienced and very kind and sympathetic to work with, not to mention how helpful the sessions were. I can only recommend.

R S.

Working with Dr. Snyder has been a great success for me. He is tremendously experienced and brilliant at what he does. Highly recommended.

J M.

I’ve been a patient of Dr Snyder’s for nearly six years and he’s been tremendously helpful in many areas of my life. He’s assisted me with anxiety, depression, relationships, family issues, and much more. I always appreciated his ability to assist me with getting to the root of the issue and for helping me to develop techniques for tackling the issues on my own.

R D.

I took a chance to reach out to Dr. Synder and I’m so glad I did. I had been dealing with delayed ejaculation for some time and I was shocked to find out that Dr. Synder has treated hundreds of men with this issue. I had been studying and researching for years and he was able to share loads of helpful information that is not online. Thank you so much for your help and expertise.

E A.

I cannot thank Dr. Snyder enough for his extremely useful advide and the priceless feedback he gave me. Now I know I’m not the only one with this issue and – most importantly – that there are ways to overcome it. By listening first, then asking precise questions and providing feedback, he helped me understand what was happening and what I can do. I can highly recommend Dr. Snyder. Thank you so much!

A W.

Dr. Snyder has been an invaluable resource to me. I feel truly lucky to have found him! I am so grateful for his wisdom and guidance. He is warm and affable, and most importantly, his treatment is truly effective. It is clear that he is a top expert in his field, and in just a few short sessions, he has helped me tremendously. I would recommend Dr. Snyder to anyone!

Austin W.

Dr. Snyder does a great job of active listening to identify themes and behaviors that may be impacting your relationship to sex. This was my first experience in working with a sex therapist, so I was a bit skeptical coming into the conversation, but I was blown away how Dr. Snyder was able to endear himself to me through his insightful observations and keeping the conversation “real”. I highly recommend Dr. Snyder based on his deep experience in working with clients and how he was able to guide me to actionable steps and new insight to work through my relationship with sex.

B W.

Dr. Snyder was helpful to me in thinking through issues I have dealt with for some time. His insight into issues of intimacy and relationship dynamics feels so spot on to me and he has given me several different ways to approach difficult issues in my life. I will continue to see Dr. Snyder for help with my issues.

L M.

I’m glad I found Dr Snyder, and I only wish I’d consulted him years ago. No nonsense, no psychobabble. Just sensible advice that works.

Jason L.

Imagine dealing with depressing and very personal problems for months, feeling lonely and discouraged, and then finding someone who immediately puts you at ease and then, with exceptional expertise and without judgement, works with you to address your issues. That’s what it was like to work with Dr. Steve Snyder. For me (I’m a sexually-active 74-year-old), Steve’s credentials as a physician were particularly important, enabling him to address my meds as well as my psychological issues. At the conclusion of our session, Steve asked me if he had provided what I need. My answer: “Absolutely. You offered clear, understandable, detailed guidance. You produced recommendations for different meds to share with my internist. And most of all, you gave me hope.”

D H.

Dr. Snyder makes it easy to discuss very sensitive topics, he is very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommended.

G M.

I had been to SEVERAL therapists for my ED and he’s the only one that was able to help me make progress. His approach is unique, practical, and just plain works. I’d HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that is struggling to make progress.

Peter H.

Dr. Snyder helped me figure out a few things that were preventing me from having a fulfilling sexual life, he’s kind and very easy to talk to, his advice has definitely been helpful and things have started improving for me.

E A.

Dr. Snyder was very easy to talk to and made me feel very positive and confident. I’m positive that I will most likely not even have to return since he sent me on the right path! I would highly recommend him!

B W.

Dr. Snyder made me feel at ease and comfortable with discussing one of the most intimate subjects, sexuality. The minute we began our session I started to sense that he knew what he was doing, not because I am expert in evaluating therapists but because I trust that instinctual feeling that says this person is knowledgeable intelligent and experienced. Its just a few days after our session and I am starting to practice some of the techniques that we discussed so I can’t yet tell to that my issues are all wrapped up satisfactorily but I feel certain that I am already in a much better place and am on my way to a healthier more satisfying sexual life

D K.

Thanks to Dr. Snyder I finally have the sex life with my husband that I always wanted! I was desperate to find someone with the ability to help resolve our longstanding situation. After seeing numerous other therapists without success, I felt instantly hopeful and reassured that Dr. Snyder could and would help. He has a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that is coupled with a sensitive, kind and direct yet gentle therapy style. He is skilled at coaching and helping you tell him about difficult issues and feelings, and he listens intently. Dr. Snyder assured me at the outset that “he speaks fluent male” and could talk to my husband on his level, but I found him to be fluent in female as well (much to my relief!). He is a unique practitioner and person wrapped in an approachable regular guy. He delves into your problems with you and quickly starts to provide achievable ideas for solutions. My husband and I love his wonderful book as well. Through Dr. Snyder’s writing and one on one treatment, he has given us the dialogue we needed to communicate and understand each other. He has helped heal and teach us “how to have ridiculously great sex in a long lasting relationship”. Almost 3 decades later we now have “love worth making” and feel like the newlyweds we always wanted to be!

K T.

I can not recommend Dr Snyder more highly! I first starting seeing him several months ago with some serious sexual dysfunction, which resulted in a lot of emotional distress. Through his very practical advice and empathetic approach, I have been able to achieve levels of improvement in my sexual functionality that I didn’t think was possible and my mental health has also improved significantly. He’s got a wealth of experience to speak from and it really helps that he’s a medical doctor too.

B H.

I had a great experience with Dr. S. He was very easy to talk to and provided me with much needed next steps.

N N.

Dr Snyder was very compassionate and understanding in our 90 min session. He actually ate into his own free time to make sure we achieved everything we needed to in our time together. He makes patients feel very comfortable in his presence. Would recommend strongly.

Don M.

I found Dr. Synder to by warm, welcoming, and he shared a lot of interesting thoughts and suggestions after asking many detailed questions about my problems. I left feeling very hopeful that things can improve, and he made it clear that he’s available for more help throughout the process. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who’s feeling frustrated about what can often be embarrassing and difficult issues to talk about.

Y I.

Dr. Snyder is a caring and thoughtful doctor. He has great insights and advice and is always there when you need him.

T A.

My fiance and I started seeing Dr. Snyder together about 2 years ago to work through some significant hurdles in our relationship. Dr. Snyder was able to give us the “tools” needed to work past those hurdles, and since then, I’ve continued seeing Dr. Snyder on an ongoing basis to work on simply being a better person. I cannot say enough how much Dr. Snyder has helped me personally, and has helped my fiance and I settle into the most amazing relationship we could hope for. I highly recommend Dr. Snyder to anyone in need of a good friend who will guide you through issues with understanding, compassion, and incredible foresight.

Jody G.

I really appreciated Steve’s attention to detail throughout our discussions and journey as a couple to improve our relationship and communication with each other. Having the confidence that Steve would consistently ask the most important questions through active, engaged listening was paramount in the progress we made. Knowing these important questions were being asked in careful, thoughtful, sensitive ways brought a well-needed calming dynamic to our sessions which was very important to us in both quickly establishing trust with Steve and fostering an environment where we could focus on rebuilding a greater trust between us as a couple. Steve’s commitment to encouraging us to share and realize the “story behind the story” was vital in the progress we made. His careful outlining and sharing of the most promising ways and options for us to approach things and each other as a couple were greatly appreciated. We are fortunate we found him through a trusted reference and very grateful for the help he has given us.

Jake S.

If you’re struggling with sex or relationship issues, do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Snyder. His combination of knowledge and compassion creates a platform where you truly feel confident that you are receiving individual attention tailored to your specific needs. He also provides a specific plan of action, instead of simply offering general advice. As a psychiatrist and MD, he is the unsurpassed in the field. I highly recommend his services.

Michelle G.

I have been to a few different therapists over the years and Steve tops them all. He really impressed me in the first visit with my husband and me. He gets it. His style really allows for both parties to talk and not feel judged. He also is results driven so it’s nice that he lends a lot of insight along with examples of what one or a could could try together. I would highly highly recommend him to anyone looking for a therapist for themselves or for them and their partner.

Paula M.

As kind as he is wise.

Kathryn H.

(Colleague) Dr Snyder is one of the most creative thinkers in the field of clinical sexuality today. He has a well-deserved national reputation for the treatment of individuals and couples with sexual problems. He is an engaging writer and speaker, and a sensitive and thoughtful clinician. I recommend him highly.

Evelyn H.

(Colleague) As physical therapists treating pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic pain, we refer our patients to Dr Snyder as he will always find a way to help!

Carole P.

(Colleague) Dr. Snyder creatively integrates the latest developments in the psychological, biological and relational fields. It is my pleasure to highly recommend him.

Joe K.

(Colleague) Dr. Snyder is a dedicated sex and relationship therapist. He is on the cutting edge and one of the most knowledgeable and talented therapists in the field.

Deborah B.

(Colleague) Dr. Snyder brings his considerable warmth, wisdom and expertise to his work as a leading sex therapist. I highly recommend him.

Peregrine K.

(Colleague) Dr. Snyder’s national reputation is well deserved. He is a wise, thoughtful and caring sex therapist, a supportive colleague, and an excellent teacher. I recommend him highly.

Steven F.

(Colleague) Dr Snyder is an incredibly skilled and talented sex and couples therapist. I refer to him often.

Peter K.

(Colleague) As a psychiatrist, sex therapist and author he is extraordinary. His expertise is surpassed only by his humanity. I give him my highest endorsement.

Ricky S.

(Colleague) Dr. Snyder is like a unicorn — that highly sought but rarely found psychiatrist who actually counsels his patients (vs. just treating them with the Rx pad), AND a brilliant sex therapist to boot!

Daniel W.

(Colleague) One of the most competent and insightful psychiatrists I have ever worked with. I refer patients to him with great confidence.

Bat-Sheva M.

(Colleague) In this day and age it is difficult to find psychiatrists who actually take time to listen to patients. Dr. Snyder is one of the few who do!

A Patient -.

Dr. Snyder is knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful, and understanding. There is no end to my gratitude for his outstanding medical care. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

I went to see Dr Snyder at a point where several things were out of sync in my life. I was feeling overwhelmed and I was struggling. I was hesitant to go for help as I am a strong and capable woman, generally able to “get the job done” myself. I must also say that I was nervous, as women often feel that we are not listened to in therapy and that most Doctors just dismiss our concerns, pull out their Rx pads and medicate us. This was so not the case here. Dr. Snyder really listened to my truth, and was insightful and helpful. He did not “tell me” how to solve my problems – he worked with me so I could figure out with CLARITY what the problems really were and how to work on them. We discussed the changes I needed to make, and he worked with me on how to implement what I had learned in day to day situations. I would leave the office having practiced (scripted) what to say in conflict situations, as like many women I had difficulty with confrontation. This was hugely helpful, as in the past, situations would come up, and I would not stand up for myself. I knew how I felt but lacked the courage or the ability to find the language when I needed it – I always only found what I wanted to say after, when it was too late. That doesn’t happen anymore. I am truly grateful for his help. Recommend him highly. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

Great doctor who’s helped me a lot. Very warm and patient. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

I have seen Dr. Snyder for several years and he has been a terrific, informed, and thoughtful doctor. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

Dr. Snyder has helped change my life. I am thankful for having met and interacting with him. His advice has helped me beyond his specialty and he has always been supportive. I highly recommend him. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

Calling Dr. Snyder was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Seriously. I’m in my late forties, and have been in therapy before (once, for four years straight – after which, frankly, not much had changed). This time I was able to make significant changes after just a few short months. And, more importantly, I’ve been able to sustain and build upon the work we did together. If you are ready to make real changes in your life, then I highly recommend calling Dr. Snyder. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

Extremely learned. Compassionate and very professional. A “doctor’s doctor”! – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

I was a patient of Dr. Snyder’s in the summer and fall of 2016, and from the first moment of our first session, it was clear that he was interested in helping me resolve my problems and getting me back to enjoying my life. Not only did he offer solutions backed by solid credentials and years of experiences, he also invited me to look at my situation from a different perspective, and most importantly, with a healthy dose of compassion. Simply put, he is a terrific therapist.

A Patient -.

He is an excellent doctor who provides top medical care with patience and understanding. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

Dr. Snyder has been tremendously helpful to me, helping me navigate my struggles with both therapy and medication. His knowledge and enthusiasm for guiding me toward solutions (and new solutions when I give up on some) has been invaluable. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

As long standing patient, I am in position to attest to Dr.Snyder’s expertise, compassion and wide range of knowledge. You will be working with a true caring professional if you engage Dr. Snyder. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

I found Steve to be patient, intuitive and skilled in terms of observation of his patients and applying real advice toward improving and helping from a psychological standpoint. No subject is taboo. He has seen and heard it all. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

Dr. Snyder is the best therapist I have ever been to! I only had the opportunity to go see Dr. Snyder for a few sessions because of my insurance coverage, but he was really terrific and better than therapists I’ve seen for a longer period in the past. I went with my husband for some marriage counseling and just wish we could have continued. He gets it and gets it right away and really knows how to mitigate between both sides and offered us very constructive insight. – Vitals.com

A Patient -.

Dr. Snyder has helped me through a lot including a traumatic divorce and chronic pain. Would highly recommend! – Vitals.com