Huffington Post Love + Sex Podcast on “Open Relationships”

For their May 21, 2015 Huffington Post Podcast, In Open Relationships, Are Women the Real Winners?,  HuffPo staffers Carina Kolodny and Noah Michelson interviewed several sex experts on the subject of “ethical non-monogamy.”

In a line-up that included NYU psychology professor Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D. and Dossie Easton, noted author of The Ethical SlutI was the lone skeptic about open relationships.

As I’ve continued to maintain over the years, ethical non-monogamy is no doubt achievable for some individuals and couples, but most ordinary people don’t have the emotional stamina for even one romantic or erotic relationship, much less more than one.

In 2018 I was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on this subject, and wrote about the experience on YourTango. 

It’s also one I’ve dealt with at length in articles such as —

What’s So New About the New Non-Monogamy?


Still Further Along the Road Less Traveled 

In particular, you may want to listen to the following segments:

15:15 . . . .on how monogamy has developed over the past 6 million years of pre-human and human history; and how the invention of agriculture 10,000 or so years ago may have been our undoing (See my interview with Sex at Dawn author Christopher Ryan on this issue, and my comments on “Will Sex at Dawn Affect Sex Therapy?”)

22:20 . . . on how couples can stay sexually contented in monogamous relationships? (Including how it’s our differences that makes for eroticism, and how monogamy tends to make for good sex, but not necessarily great sex).

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