New York City Best Doctors, 2012

I was honored this week to be featured in New York Magazine’s June 11 issue as one of 1,160 best NYC physicians — and as one of only 31 New York City psychiatrists to make the cut.

Listing as a New York Magazine Best Doctor has for many years been recognized as an important achievement in the New York medical world, and I’m grateful to have earned this recognition.

I’m particularly honored to join on the list some distinguished colleagues in the field of sexual medicine, including two sex specialist urologists with whom I’ve often worked — Natan Bar-Chama and Ridwan Shabsigh —

— and an impressive number of the urology faculty of Mount Sinai Mount School of Medicine — Michael Droller, Michael Gribetz,  Michael Palese, David Samadi, Jeffrey Stock, Jonathan Vapnek, and Department Chairman Simon Hall.

— as well as many accomplished psychiatric colleague friends — such as Philip Bialer,  Harold Bronheim, Michael First, Alan Manevitz, Deborah Marin, Andy Roth, Jonathan Silver, and fellow sex therapist psychiatrist Virginia Sadock.

Yes, psychiatrists DO still talk to patients

It’s well-known that there are fundamentally two different kinds of psychiatrists — the “pill kind” and the “talking kind.”  And it’s rumored that the latter are increasingly an endangered species.

As a psychiatrist who is definitely more the “talking kind,”  I’m pleased that “talking psychiatry” is still acknowledged as having value.  Well, at least in New York City.

Thanks as always to my colleagues and patients —  for your trust and encouragement every day.

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